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Log upload and video guide

The file must be an EDI file, the same as in normally sends to the Contest Manager. Read the message from the contest manager here
It is important that PBand and PSect in the log file matches the test you want to upload, and that time is in utc. Else the system will not accept your log. Which class PSect must be set to can be found in the rules.

e.g 144 MHz open class : 

PBand=144 MHz 
PSect= 4X

Here a video that shows upload of log from OZ1ALS August Multi High Power 144 MHz,
the video also shows what stations OZ1DLD did work, and what stations he did work, that were not worked by OZ1ALS.

How to upload :

1) Check that month/year fits in the left
2) Select the desired test in the left side
3) Select the upload  in the top
4) Choose File and select your EDI file
5) Select Submit
6) You will see a receipt that shows if the log is accepted or rejected

Now the log should log be uploaded, are there any problems, please contact me.

73 Allan, oz7z email: mycall@mycall.dk